Day-School Grammer-School Stephaneum

From the school year 2005/06, the European School Stephaneum recognized full-day school on the basis of the decision of the General Conference, 14.10.2004 Stephaneum is implemented on the model of open full-day school.

What is an open all-day school?

The open all-day school is oriented towards the traditional classroom structure, and provides continuous day after lunch / Unterrichtsschluss an additional, voluntary afternoon program.

The following provides the full-day program focuses on Stephaneum:

  • homework help Monday-Thursday 14.00-16.00 Clock.
  • gifted education for all grade levels, especially in maths, English, German, French and chemistry.
  • opening School clubs (eg Lok, VfB, Spielmannzug) Stadtpfeifer.
  • collaboration with the School of Music and the School District.
  • creative leisure activities such as Choir, theater, web team, art, history, practical etc.
  • 1Sport from supporting poor students up to pre Meisterschafften. It offers the following sports: volleyball, floor hockey, soccer, dancing, swimming and track and field

The aim of the day school is, among other things caused the change in the culture of learning (linking leisure interests with school tasks), social learning (eg communities of different cultures, age), increasing the responsibility of students (supervisory support, acquisition of AG's, student service centers, web-AG) and cooperation with institutions the youth development (eg youth club "Wassertormühle").